Hi! We are the Perception and Learning Systems Lab (PALS) at TTI-Chicago. PALS work mostly on computer vision and machine learning.


  1. 2022-09:

    Marcelo joined the lab. Welcome!

  2. 2022-08:

    Congrats to Igor for receiving his PhD. He will be joining TRI as a research scientist.

  3. 2022-06:

    A new joint hackathon on diffusion models.

  4. 2021-12:

    A joint hackathon with threedle lab on the myriad ways to use CLIP embeddings.

  5. 2021-09:

    Raymond joins TTIC as an RAP. He will be a faculty member at Purdue CS next year. Congrats Raymond!


  1. TTIC 31020 Introduction to Statistical Machine Learning

Old pals

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